Friday, April 16, 2010

Unplanned pregnancy part 2

Continuation from my earlier posting:) Just to clarify..I'm not pregnant now..many thought I'm pregnant due to my's actually a flash back experience..he...hee:)

Ok..back to my posting..

Then..when 8th week came..I went to see a gynea husband was not around, he asked me to schedule the meeting when he comes back..but being me very stubborn, I told him it's ok..I want to go ahead and proposed go again the week after, if he wants to.

So I went ahead meeting the gynea alone..she scanned..suddenly she looked puzzled..and scanned again..and again..I started to panic.."why doctor?..anything wrong??" then doctor said "I think I just saw 2 heartbeats here" I went "huuuuuuh????what happened? my baby has 2 hearts??" duuhhhhhhh!!! what was I thinking asking that stupid question?? but heyyy..I was there alone remember?? no hubsand besides me to keep me sane!!
The gynea just laughed.." think you are having twins" and of course I was shocked almost jump out of the bed.."whattt??????????????? r u sure doctor??

Then I just realized..I should have waited for my husband to come for this check up..he has missed the excitement to learn this for the first time and missing the first moment of our twins' hearts beating on the monitor:(

It took me a while...lying there while thinking....gosh..!!! I've always amazed when people pregnant with twins..and wonder how they felt...I was never imagined to be one of them though,..and YESSSSSSS I was excited..after my brain had digested the news..I called my husband..and I could tell he was jumping with joy!!!!

But...of course!! pregnant with twins comes with double worries, double careful and everything has to be double confirmed the check up..I was referred to another specialist as Pantai Medical and Sunway medical needs an extra opinion to ensure no Twin-Twin Transfusion (TTF) which unequal sharing of placenta, like the other one get more nutrients and the other get lesser...this can happened if the twins are sharing the same placenta, which can be fatal for both..but alhamdulillah on the 20th weeks they confirmed both were ok..only then we went for normal check ups.

We kept on dreaming...for my twins pregnancy we were hoping for 2 boys..and on the 20th weeks with the 3D's confirmed both were girls..I remembered both my husband and I were in denial..until I was closed to 7 months, time to shop for baby stuffs..we started to accept the facts we were going to have 3 boys!! but heyyyy..that was then..

Now..I'm blessed with 3 girls..and we decided to just have these 3 girls:) in other words..tutup kedai:) it's ok for not having boy at all..they are very adorable which I think god is fair by giving me all 3 angels:)

Until then..happy weekend :)


ERMAYUM said...

heheh kelakor u - but it does not matter you if our angels girl or boy - i siang2 da cakap if my third one is girl that it it is ok -but i got lucky :) you wikk get lucky for the no 4 - trust me heheheh

ERMAYUM said...

eh u banak normal eh ? tell a story beranak pulak heehh
bdw can u get the word verification out?:)

screamingmommy said...

beb, i dah give up nak try:) cukup laa 3..he..hee;)
btw I had normal delivery..nasib I tulis entry ni pun sbb u laa..nanti bila dah habis idea I tulis pulak pasal delivering twins;)

pasal word verification tu I try buat..i ni tak expert sgt (budak baru berblog:)

Nana said...

wahh..bestnye ade twin...comell sgt!
dah tutup kedai ka? he3...takpa lah it doesnt matter kan boy or girl. nnt dorang dah kawen dpt jugak anak laki :)

i tak sabar nak tggu citer u deliver lak...kene kuat semangat nak deliver twin ni. mak i pon adik bawah i twin..dua2 pompuan jugak tp tak seiras. u punye twin mcm seiras kan.

ERMAYUM said...

go to setting - ada kat salah satu tap- u godek2 dulu -da ke lum ni i try

Lady of Leisure said...

me too i tak sabarnak tunggu cerita deliver pulak hehehe... wah yang twin pun u banak normal yer... kagumnya i.... :)
i kene baca balik entry u yg lepas2 ni... i just came back... :)

screamingmommy said...

Nana : wow..u lagi ada high chance to hv twins beb:) mine dr cakap kebetulan je bukan those yg ada keturunan lagi byk chance.

Ermayum : blm try tukar beb..baru nak buat ni

lady : U r back!!!!! good..good...jgn lupa update urs ye..dah bersawang..hari2 i lalu lintas:)

superheroes' mom said...

3 lovely girls too, I might add. Hello Screaming Mommy, it's Superheroes' Mom here, salam kenal :) I have 4 boys and no girls, and I also dah tutup kedai hahaha

screamingmommy said...

Superheroes' mom : yeeyyy kita serupa;) cuma terbalik sbb i all gals:) anyway salam kenal:) thanks for stopping at my site:)

fiezachommel said...

congrats....moga2 dapat boy plak!

YaNie said...

Hi Screaming Mommy, 1st time commenting here.. been reading your blog ever since u dropped by at mine but no time to leave my comment yet and today I couldn't sleep due to extra dosage of caffein this morning, thus this comment . I do hope I can get more time later

Well, as you know I have 3 heroes and just like u 3 with only 2 pregnancies (mine 3 pregnancies actually but the 1st one was aborted).. Well the double is really DOUBLE but the excitement is more than double i guess.. and now every time we went out somewhere, people is staring and started talking bout the twins and some will ask, attention everywhere i might say :) I'm sure u always get the attention too!!

Nice knowing u :)

Mummy Nana said...

Wahhh... ada twin?? I mmg ter'UJA' dgn org2 yg ada twin nie... mesti bestkan.. tapi mesti xlarat.. I xde twin tapi rasa mcm ada twin jugak.. psl anak yg 2nd pun mcm baby jugak... wahahah....

screamingmommy said...

Yanie : sorry i just noticed ur comment;)
Yes..I read ur blog..interesting to see twin least i can imagine the excitement as well as the struggles:) Apart from penat..yes..we do get the attention from people..esp when they were babies as we used the twins stroller;)
anyway nice knowing u:)

MummyN : beb..ada twins mmg seronok tgk gelagat diorang an also the attention..but mmg penat gilaaa..beb..struggle tau:)


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