Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi all, I received this email and I'm not sure if the info is valid..I have no way to validate this..but if you guys want to help..and if anyone can validate this info that would be great.

The little girl's info :

Name : Adriana Alysya Mohd Hani
Age : 6 yrs 10 months

Location : Kuala Lumpur

Chronic heart disease, couldnt hear, talk and walk

Need help to ease her parent's burden:
  • to buy a wheel-chair

  • to pay their IJN's bill - approximately RM25,ooo

  • to pay for her medical expenses

You can call her mother Puan Fazira Sidek @ 012 6580456 / 0136953030

They gave the account number, but to be on the cautious side to avoid any fraud, I think those who wants to help can call the mother and ask ya?


Lady of Leisure said...

terharu tgk this cute lil girl like this.. :'(

eynda said...

Dia sangat comel...kesian kecik2 dah sakit...thanks for sharing...

screamingmommy said...

: yes, sedih betul tgk:(

Eynda : heart breaking kan tgk?

ERMAYUM said...

sian kan
but it hard to verify this unless of course they all kuar dalam news or tv :(

dear i suka this colour terang mata memandang and sweet
sory u i banyak songeh u dont have to ikut though :)

screamingmommy said...

Ermayum : tu laaa in case I managed to verify I'll share with u guys:)

dont worry abt's good to have the opinions..hence I can improve kan???


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