Thursday, April 1, 2010

My 2 weeks challenge starts today

Ok, today 1st April (what a day to start something) it's not an april fool...I plan to start my diet again. re-ignite the dying fire..ha..haa:)

Last night when I did my groceries shopping and my kids were busy choosing their own favorite cereals, I saw this Kellogg's special K's offer- buy 2 big boxes you will get a free starter pack - Unwrap a new you with Kellogg's special K

So, being me a sucker for free stuff:) I went ahead took 2 of those. Went home and read the instructions and somehow I got inspired to give a second chance. To tell you the truth I've tried this once and it didn't work because then I didnt exercise at this time around I'm determined to follow the rules (definitely not so strict:))

Here I go....I'm going to start my 2 weeks challenge - kellogg's special K.
  • breakfast and dinner with Special K - 165 grams per serving (1 bowl)

  • lunch and in between snacks should be low in fat and loaded with veggies

  • if hunger strikes in between meals, snack on fruits and veggies

  • 30 mins exercise routine daily (not that bad afterall huh?)

Since today I'm fasting, I figure it's the best way to start, I plan to do a brisk walking this evening before breaking fast and have a bowl of special K (I hope I wont become one cranky mommy tonight due to hunger pangs)

By the way..the starter pack comes with vouchers from celebrity fitness (i don't find it useful as I'm already a member to a gym which I've abondoned classes for almost 3 months now) plus my office has a quite sophisticated gym complete with shower and sauna. (I should use them one of these week perhaps)

So all the best to me....and I'll share with you the progress;)


C!kpuanmuda said...

i took the k bar.. manis giler tapi sedap :)

lets diet.. woohooooo!

screamingmommy said...

CPM : really? I hvnt tried, perhaps I should keep that as my snacks:) let's diet...!!

ComeyBelako said... too. i have a good gym here at opis. complete one. but tak penah jejak masuk. my excuse is, i am a selfmaid mom (to 4 kids) and after work have to rush picking up from tuition & bbsitter's place. ok excuse gitu?
so my alternative is i ada 2 alat senaman kat umah 1) ab-trimmer = tempat sidai towel 2) mini-stepper = yg ni so far masih relevantlah..i dok stepping 30cal per day. ok lah kan dari tak buat langsung. boleh gitu?

screamingmommy said...

CM : it's ok not to exercise, my case ni dah kira tahap critical nak kena bersenam:)

ERMAYUM said...

good luck dear i am just not destined to go on diet heheh - i rasa palind senang posa but posa dalam bukan ramadan sungguh la byk setan hehehe - exercise bila ada ada mood - oo dont follow me i think im mpre hopelsess than u :)

screamingmommy said...

Ermayum : I ni kalau ada choice diet is the last thing i would do...haa..haa ni kira critical sgt nak kena resort to diet:)

Lady of Leisure said...

i nak sangat diet... tapi selalu sekerat jalan hehehe... lepas ni kene start bebetul la, coz i nak pakai kebaya for aidilfitri this year... kikiki..

screamingmommy said...

Lady: jom start with kellog's K sempat ubntuk raya:)


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