Friday, April 23, 2010

Clash of the Titans

It's a bit way too late for the review as I'm sure you peeps have watched this long time ago....memang a bit ketinggalan this time. All because my husband's mood was dampened due to my "forgetfulness" (remember the posting about nyanyuk?)

Saturday night routinely is my movie night with hubby, our shows typically 9pm and make sure it's almost bed time for the kids..hence we will not feeling guilty:)
This time, we left slightly early as my youngest sister was around hence the kids were enjoying her company and didnt even bother to ask where we were heading..thank god!! the tickets mostly sold out as we forgot to purchase earlier , in the morning we went to KLCC which we had planned to buy the tickets..instead we were busy with other things..halfway through the journey home we realized we didnt even buy the tickets...(nyanyuk as usual)

No choice but to watch the midnight show...others were sold out

I didn't enjoy the movie much...I guess a lot of people rated this movie as big names except Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington (Avatar)

It's about the immortal gods of Ancient Greece.......and if no other movie to watch, you can go ahead watch this..

until next time..


ERMAYUM said...

hehe nasib i tak tengok i lama gak tak dating since maid takda dulu :D

screamingmommy said...

ye lah beb..pening tgk Greek gods bergaduh:(

Anonymous said...

tak berkesempatan lg nk ke cinema...skrg mr.hubby sibuk layan bola ;)

screamingmommy said...

Honeylanz : takpe lah beb..tak rugi actually tak tgk ni:)

CiKaYu said...

buat masa ni takde mood nak tgk cite gini, sekrg tgh mood gediksberanganmanja dgn hubby nak tgk cite cinta2 skrg ni....the lates cite yg Jlo berlakon. keluar bulan mei ni...


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